V Control Pro Bundle - IP
  • V Control Pro Bundle

    V-Control Pro Bundle is a completely new 
    system that revolutionizes how controllers 
    connect to software, giving you hands-on 
    control of your audio and video projects 
    using almost any device.

    Free Trial
    V-Control Pro Bundle provides limited features 
    for free so you can test it with your workflows. 
    To try it for free, download, install, and launch 
    V-Control Pro software. The Setups window 
    displays which control features are disabled 
    when running as a free trial. To enable all 
    features, activate a license on the computer. 
    V-Control Pro 1 on the iPad operates fully for free. 
    A V-Control Pro Bundle license can be purchased 
    online from the Neyrinck Store.

    Check it out here for more details.
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