Groove Scribe

The Groove Scribe was built to help drummers create, practice and share grooves.

A simple interface allows easy groove creation that automatically creates printable sheet music for printing and sharing.

Midi playback with tempo and a metronome makes it easy to hear and practice difficult grooves.

Sharing is simple with a URL and the recipient can view the groove in any web browser.
How it works:

The Groove Scribe is written in HTML and JavaScript and runs entirely in the browser. ABC Notation is used to create the printable sheet music. When notes are changed on the screen, new ABC Notation is generated which creates the sheet music. To play the music, Groove Scribe generates a MIDI file and plays it using the browser audio interface. The sound-font used by the midi player uses custom drum samples from Mike Johnston's kits.

All of the icons and images used by and created by the Groove Scribe are SVG or fonts so the interface scales to any resolution with no scaling artifacts. Try Groove Scribe check it out here.

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