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  • Music Studio (Windows)

    Create, play and edit your music, instruments, and styles with Music Studio.

    • Create, Play, and Edit Your Music
    • Define Categories, Tracks, and Rhythms
    • Create and Edit Virtual Instruments from Real Sounds and Tune it
    • Import KORG Instruments
    • Import KORG Pa Sets
    • Combine 2 or more Instruments in Tracks and Make a New Sound
    • Create and Edit Music Systems (1/4, 1/8, …)
    • Connect Your MIDI Keyboard and Play or Record in Real-time
    • Virtual Keyboard (Use PC Keyboard and Mouse)
    • Make Multi-Song from single Song (Duplicate Track and Change Frequency)
    • Import MIDI files, Change Instruments, Edit, Add Filters and Effects and Create a New Music
    • Export to Wave or MP3 files and Share your Music
    • Create a Stand-alone file Contain Instruments, Systems, Rhythms …
    • Filters: Volume/Pan, Octave/Key/Tune, Stereo Mixer, Band Pass, Compressor,
    Dynamic Amplify, Echo, Equalizer, Flanger, Notch, Parametric Eq,
    Phaser, Pitch Scale, 3D Sound, Treble Enhancer, True Bass
    • Effects: Key Repeat (like Sitar), Key Connection (like Guitar),
    Frequency Shake (like Violin), Volume/Pan Shake
    • More than 1000 High-Quality Instruments and Rhythms
    • Intelligent Pedal

    • and more …

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