ProTrekkr is a tracker program with built in software synthesizer together with a traditional samples tracker which can be used to create electronic music, games, demos.

Main features:

16 multi-notes tracks (with 256 virtual channels).
Samples editor (can load up to 64 bits stereo samples).
Patterns based tracker style sequencer.
Synthesizer with custom waveforms support.
Samples loop editor.
Two 303s units.
Cubic spline interpolation.
Wav files import/export.
16 or 32 bits wav rendering.
Multi effects engine with reverb, distortion, filters, delay, EQs, flanger, etc...
Fully customizable 10 combs reverb.
Midi in/out support.
Protracker .mod files import.
Samples compressor handling Gsm/Mp3/TrueSpeech/ADPCM/8 Bit (not on Linux or Mac OS X yet).
Replay routine source code to be included & used inside your own programs (also featuring a replay routine for the PlayStation Portable).
Winamp/XMPlay plugin available.

IP SoundCloud

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