Mediapurge helps the user in 4 to 5 steps through any cleanup functions for your media files. You can also edit tags, sort files on hard disc, find duplicates, create file names out of the media tags, and a whole lot more. Mediapurge software is free of advertising and spyware.

Automatic cleanup functions

- Automatic search for duplicates (also similar) media files
- Automatic search for duplicates using audio comparison
- Search for media files with the same size / content (tags excluded)
- Tag-based sorting of media files into subdirectories
- Filename based sorting of media files into subdirectories
- Automatic creation of the Tags from the file name
- Automatic restore the file name from the ID3 tags
- Automatic copy / remove individual / complete tags
- Automatic editing file names and tags according to a user-defined scheme
- Convert media files to different formats (cross-coding)
- Automatic inventory synchronization (similar files excluded)

At least:

- Single core with 1 GHz
- 2 GB RAM (depending on OS)
- Windows 7 / latest Wine
- 800x600, 256 Colors 
- Soundcard


- Multicore with 2 GHz or higher
- 4 GB RAM or higher
- Windows 10
- 1024x786 or higher

- Soundcard

Download it here

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