The Batch Audio To Mp3 Concatenator

Software to easily concatenate the audio found on files with any of the types AAC, AIFF, AU, FLAC, M4A, MP3, OGG, OGA, OPUS, RA, RM, WAVE, WMA, or WV with the best quality and the smallest file size, taking into account both the maximum required quality and the compatibility with the target (hardware/software) player.

When the audio on the found files needs to be encoded into the mp3 format, the program, to achieve the best quality, uses the latest version of LAME, version 3.100, which has been customarily compiled to adapt to the in-use CPU, so that it can be used with computers as old as the Pentium and Windows versions as old as Windows XP.

The program is profile based, to make it easier to use. Specifically, there are two main profiles, the Audiophile (bitrate 320kbps) and the on-the-go (bitrate 192kbps) ones, which are further subdivided in stereo or mono.

The encoding method for mp3 files can be chosen (abr, cbr, or vbr), so that one can choose whether to use the better encoding method in terms of both quality and file size (variable-bit-rate = vbr) or the most compatible one (constant-bit-rate = cbr).

As encoding audio into the mp3 format is a lossy operation (loses quality), whenever possible the original audio is not re-encoded, being the stream corresponding to it (assuming it is already in the mp3 format) just copied to the target file as is or with its frames re-formatted as required to be in accordance with the target format.

When the original audio is not (re-)encoded, the process is lossless (no loss of quality) and, as so, does not use LAME but code specifically created for the purpose by the author of this program.

Software compatibility: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, and Windows 10

Hardware compatibility: Pentium or more recent CPU.

The Batch Audio To Mp3 Concatenator Lite (executable file)
The Batch Audio To Mp3 Converter Lite (executable file)

The Batch Audio To Mp3 Concatenator Lite (compressed file)
The Batch Audio To Mp3 Concatenator Lite (compressed file)

This is the free lite version which limits the number of audio files that can be processed during a job to 10 files, The links to download the Pro version of the program are sent by email to those that make a donation to the project.


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