Music Cleaner

Organize and remove all duplicates from your music collection so you can find the tracks you need faster using this straightforward tool.

 Simply browse a folder containing music tracks and start cleaning
 Music Cleaner lists all the tracks from a selected folder
 Music Cleaner has all the basic playing controls like Play , Pause , Stop , Next Track  and Previous Track 
 Rename selected audio files without leaving the software to ease the cleaning process
 By default Music Cleaner Deletes the selected file to Recycle Bin so that you can restore it if deleted accidentally, However this feature only works if you are deleting from local hard drive. If you delete from Removable Media like flash drive, the file will be permanently deleted
 Music Cleaner Copies the selected file to the Copy To folder already defined under settings
 Moving a selected file to Move To folder defined in settings enables Music Cleaner to accelerate the cleaning process notably as you don't need to open and close a file time and again in the default Windows Media Player
 Music Cleaner features the Volume Controls with mute support
 Assign Move and Copy to folders in settings and simple click Move or Copy button to copy/move the selected track to the defined folders
 Search feature is included in Music Cleaner to enable fast searching of files within a selected folder for easy copy, move, delete & rename operations
 Free up your hard disk space by eliminating duplicate files and the files you don't need any more
 Music Cleaner saves your precious time by decreasing the time needed for this tedious task of cleaning as you don't need to open & Close Media Player again and again to listen to a track and decide what to do with it

Download Music Cleaner

You can download the Music Cleaner from the following websites.

IP SoundCloud

Click the image or scan the QR Code.