Smart Mix Player

Smart Mix Player plays audio files as a non-stop mix. With perfect transitions and in sync with the beats. 

Some features:

Each song is mixed tightly because the software:

  • mixes songs at the right points.
  • uses beat matching to keep beats synchronous.
  • uses a beat filter during mixing.
  • has gain control (each song plays at the same volume).
  • chooses songs that sounds harmonious when mixed together.

The player can mix your entire music collection without changing the pitch too much. In this way even songs with large differences in BPM are also included in the playlist.

You can save mixes so you can listen back or share them with your friends.

Smart Mix Player has the unique ability to play different mixes from the same songs. 

Create random (or fixed) playlists and enjoy different and smooth transitions time after time.

Create playlists based on bpm, genre, record label, artist, period or country.

Play in endless mode and stream the mix to your webradio station (with Shoutcast).

Latest update: 2019, february 21

Documentation for Smart Mix Player here


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