Music Player Pro

Music Player Pro lets you to listen to music anywhere, play your favorite songs with nice quality and for free. Supports MP3, WAV, MP4, FLAC, 3GP, OGG, etc. Sale ends in 5 days get it for free while you can.

Features :

* Play mp3, m4a, wav, flac, ogg, aac, almost all music formats.
* Show all music and audio files in music library and hidden folders.
* Offline music player. Play song in your phone. Also is called as: song player, audio player, mp3 player.
* Categories: album, artist, genre, song, playlist, artist, directory and album.
* Has mini music player on lock screen and status bar. Give you enough things: album artwork, titles and artists. You can control with buttons: play, pause, skip and stop.
* Playing control: Play next, Previous, Rewind, Pause, Fast-forward. Has playing queue of songs.
* Support share music
* Search songs. Search by inputting something like title (song name), album , artist, playlist.
* Mange playlist. Give you basic action to manage playlist including: create, update, delete playlists. Easy to add album, artist, song, genre directory to playlist. Has recent playlists.
* Equalizer. Built-in equalizer make this mp3 player have many options for users while listening to music.
* Themes. Customize the skin of mp3 music player.
* Headphone and Bluetooth supported. You can play, pause, next by pressing buttons on headphone. Music player is working well with Bluetooth headphone.
* Music player widget & play music on lock-screen
* Song picture, photo of artist and cover of album.
* Edit content of music and audio files by remove some parts.
* Ringtone maker: Edit audio & set a music as a ringtone

* Edit tag, change song metadata: Change song title, album name, artist name.

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