Scylla VST

Scylla VST is the granular sampler developed by de la Mancha. This sampler came out in 2009 and still used by many today. Check it out it's free in VST format for Windows.

Each sampler features:
Playback: Oscillate, Play-Once, Loop-Release.
Basic audio playback features (normalize, stereo to mono, zero-crossing).
Customization Loop points.
Granular and Wavetable playback.
Loads any WAV format sample from your own library.
96MB of sample content, including wave-forms, samples and loops.
128 presets by brian botkiller.
All audio sources have independent tune, volume, and pan.
Ring-Modulation per layer.
Variable stage Filter per Layer.
Adjustable Amp and Filter Envelopes per layer (Envelope contours can be changed).
Layer Assignable Granulator engine.
2 layer assignable LFO effects for modulating ring-mod, cutoff (filter), and phase of one LF.
Adjustable Global Amp Envelope.
Mix level of each audio source can be adjusted.
Mix level of each layer can be adjusted.
Master Volume.
Each audio source, envelope, ring-mod and filter can be switched off to save CPU.
Midi CC support.

Win 32 VST (72.7 Mb)  V 1.0
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