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    MUSICAN is an organizer and audio player for Windows operating systems that covers  most audio formats. Your music library can be filtered by artist, album, genre, song rating or your own collections.


    Help for musicians
    Musicians will be supported with a loop editor to create A/B loops for repeating parts. The playback speed and the pitch of a song can be adapted independent from each other.

    Privacy protection
    Many commercial providers of mp3 music like Amazon add digital watermarks with information about your purchase. These data is personal and can be traced back from the rights holder!

    Thinking losing my MP3 player one day in a train and getting mail from the right holder later because the finder uploaded it to file sharing networks makes me feel bad. I doubt that this case would actually have legal consequences, but I better play it safe.

    Apart from the possible legal problems I encounter some system-wide technical curiosity with files containing these informations.
    Musican can detect these watermarks, display included information and also remove upon request. However, this must not be used to ignore the rights of the holder and to spread the MP3s illegal!

    Android App
    With Musican-Remote volume and player functions can be remotely controlled from your smart phone. Musican-Remote is available for free at Google Play .

    Portable installation
    Musican is available as a standard installation package or as a zip file. Both versions save files or settings in own directory only. The installer stores only a link in the Start menu and on the desktop. The choice is yours.

    Network Compatible
    Starting from a network drive or a NAS works fine.

    Asus Xonar
    Owner of an Asus Xonar D2 sound card can control the card equalizer directly from Musican.

    Musican works fine with Windows8.x, Windows 7, Windows Vista und Windows XP. An installer version and a portable-zip file is available. If you are in doubt simply choose the installer version.

    Installer version  here
    Portable Version  here

    Control Musican remotely with your smartphone! It's free!
    Get it on Google Play here

    Publisher website

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