You Record Pro

High-Quality stereo 96 kHz / 24-bit recording sound. When you’re done making your recording, you can edit and share it via share it iMessage, Airdrops, Email and more. You Record Pro is a 4-star app that usually cost $2.99, it's free right now get it while you can.

Some Features:

Use Quick Actions menu from the Home screen

to quickly start record, or open the app’s settings.

Tap on the progress bar

to skip back / forward during playback.

Hold a finger down on any recording

for multiple selection.

Press the center button of earphones

once to play / pause,

twice to start / stop record.

Use Spotlight’s keywords

for better search: “Voice”; “Memo”;

“Audio”; “Recording”.

Use yourecord://rec URL handler

to start record.

Get You Record Pro For iPhone and iPad get it here

IP SoundCloud

Click the image or scan the QR Code.