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    If you are travelling with no access to a real harmonium, or need practice before a performance, you will find Harmonium Anywhere very handy. 

    Harmonium Anywhere

    Harmonium Anywhere Features:

    - 3 octaves.

    - Multi touch keyboard.

    - Coupler feature (Right Octave).

    - Real harmonium high quality sound with 7 more instruments.

    - Reference/Highlighter key, to allow especially kids to remember the start note.

    - Scale changer up to 12 notes.

    - Note identifier in 3 different formats: Western, Gurmukhi, Devanagari Notations.

    - Scroll lock feature to lock accidental scroll of keyboard.

    - Display Optimized for both iPhone's and iPad's.

    - Designed keeping the needs of Kids who don't have real harmoniums.

    - Compatible with other music apps, e.g. tabla apps on app store.

    - Zoom button added to provide more keys especially on iPad's.

    - Now you can either record:

    - Harmonium sound only

    - Any sound including Harmonium with the help of in-built microphone.

    - Playback recordings, share on social sites or with friends, teachers, etc.

    - Better sound clarity.

    - MIDI support

    Regular price: $2.99 
    As of this posting: FREE

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