Virtual Eurorack DAW

VCV Rack is an open-source virtual modular synthesizer. 

New features in Rack v1: :

Polyphony. Use up to 16 voices with the full flexibility of modular patching.

Cables automatically turn polyphonic when requested by MIDI modules, sequencers, etc.

MIDI output. Control MIDI hardware with Rack modules.

New modules include CV-GATE for drum machines, CV-MIDI for desktop synths, and CV-CC for Eurorack interfaces.

MIDI mapping. Control knobs, buttons, and sliders directly from a MIDI controller.

Using the new MIDI-MAP module, click a virtual parameter and move a hardware control to create a mapping.

Module Browser. Search, filter, and view modules in your collection.

Click and drag to directly place modules in the rack.

Multi-core engine. Use multiple CPU threads to maximize the number of modules.

Accelerated polyphonic engines on many VCV and third-party modules.

macOS 10.7+

Windows 64-bit

Linux 64-bit

Quick Start
Installing & Running

Developer website

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