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  • Volume Control Panel Pro

    Volume Control Panel Pro is a flexible and clean system volume slider/control panel.
    List price: $0.99, get it for free while it lasts.

    Key Features:
    * An Android 9/10 inspired Volume Control Panel.
    * Override volume keys.
    * Optional Swipe Up/Down floating trigger.
    * Open from launcher or other apps.
    * Choose Media or Ring as the default button response.
    * Start collapsed or expanded.
    * Left or Right handed mode.
    * Left or Right handed in landscape.
    * Custom vertical position.
    * Custom panel timeout.
    * Hide the alarm volume panel.
    * Swap/Invert Buttons
    * Force close system dialog.
    * Custom background, slider & icon colors.
    * Adjustable height. (Pro Only)
    * Adjustable margin. (Pro Only)
    * Option to exclude from certain applications.
    * Volume streams: Cast, Media, Ring, Notification (If Supported), Call & Alarm.
    * Bluetooth volume control.
    * Quick Settings Pull-down Tiles.
    * Pinned Launcher Shortcuts (Oreo+)
    * Screen Shot button (Android 9+)

    Get it here on Google Play

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