Muzik Box

Muzik Box allows you can transfer your songs from computer via Wifi and your computer's browser.  Plays most file types, such as MP3, FLAC (lossless), M4A, AAC, etc. Great for music producers who send/receive music on iPhone which does not automatically add songs to iTunes for playback.


- Elegant UI.

- It's a lossless player.

- Be able to play most of music file type, such as MP3, FLAC, M4A, AAC, ALAC, lossless...

- Easy to transfer songs via WiFi.

- Easy to download and sync musics from your Google Drive.

- Select file from Files app.

- Easy to manage your music by playlists, albums, artists, genre.

- Set a timer to stop music, no worry about playing overnight

- List of YouTube trending music

- Open YouTube link or ID

- Share YouTube video from YouTube app, web browsers.

- Control your player by buttons on your head/ear phone:

+ Tap center button to play/pause.

+ Double tap the center to play the next song. Triple tap the center button to play the previous song.

+ Tap the plus/minus volume button to increase/decrease volume.

- Control gesture:

+ Swipe the disk from right to left to seek forward and and vice versa.

+ Double tap to the disk on the right to seek forward a longer duration and vice versa.

Make the rest simple with Muzik Box, just enjoy your musics.

Price - Free
In-App Purchases - Remove Ads

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