Studio Music Player DX

This simple and smart player takes headphones to a new level, providing the playback quality delivered by high priced professional studio headphones.

You can add music with:

1. Dropbox cloud service

2. iTunes File Sharing service

Supported formats: mp3, wav, aiff, m4a, m4p

How does it work?

Right away, one question pops in many people's heads: “How can you modify your headphones?? This is just impossible!” That's right, you can’t change your headphones. But you can change the audio signal sent to the headphones.

All headphones have some sound distortion, caused by many factors, and the greater the distortion the less the music that you hear resembles the original sound that you obtain at a professional recording studio.

Only high-quality studio headphones (usually priced from $600) allow you to hear minimally distorted sound: the true sound. This is because such headphones have a maximally flat frequency response.

Thanks to our in-depth research into sound, we know how to configure your equipment to achieve a level of sound quality maximally close to what you get at a studio. We thoroughly researched the frequency response of all the devices in the player and fine-tuned them taking into account the special characteristics of their sound. In addition, since we know that every person's ear is unique, we allow you to fine-tune the sound of the available presets, but please be very careful when using this feature: don't try too hard.

In terms of technology, our player is:

◉ More than 80 fabric presets for crystal clear sound

◉ Unique 48-band parametric equalizer

◉ Possibility to adjust the sound of factory presets to your taste using adjusting module with pro abilities

◉ Song Lyrics

◉ Easy to uploading music from any MAC/PC with iTunes

◉ Download music from player to any MAC/PC with iTunes

◉ Collect music "on fly" - just tap to TOP!

◉ Possibility to create and edit playlists

◉ Automatic presets switching for bluetooth devices (very useful in car or home audio system)

◉ Really low energy consumption

◉ Possibility to change the speed and the tonality of music

◉ Zoom of the album artwork for a detailed view

◉ 16 color schemes, include "Night" skin

◉ Simple user interface

Studio Music Player 

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