Audirvana Remote

The Audirvana Remote App controls your mobile device with your Audirvana HiFi computer based software. Albums, playlists, artists and HD streaming services are all accessible from the Audirvana Remote, with the application running on your computer guarantees optimal audio playback.

- Browse all music libraries accessible from the application.

- Create, rename and reorganize your playlists

- Precisely adjust the sound level with the application's internal digital volume control

- Choose the output audio device

To use Audirvana Remote:

- Update the Audirvana 3.5 application on your Mac or PC and install Audirvana Remote on your iPhone or iPad

- Connect your computer and your phone or tablet to the same WiFi network.

- Select your computer from the Remote app, and enter the code displayed on the screen.

- Enjoy the Audirvana experience to the fullest without moving off your couch.

Audirvana is a software for mac OS or Windows 10 that accepts all audio formats and makes music a priority on your computer to make it a high-fidelity audio source.

Audirvana Remote is offered as a free update for users of the previous A+ Remote app.

The app is free, instead of $9.99.

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