Partiture Live

Partiture Live app lets you learn sheet music and transcribe it. It's the first and only app for transcribing music to sheet music in real time on android. 

Main Features:

• All In Real Time.

• Audio to Rhythms Transcription: By Sound, or, if you want, By Pulses through a Button, both where you get your Rhythms visualized in Real Time as you produce them!!!.
You only see an horizontal line with the notes of the rhythms you produce (like in the some screenshots up there!), disregarding the verticality of the frequency of the note you play, if you choose 'By Sound').

• Audio to Notes Transcription: No Horizontals Here!.
Just a Vertical Score, and you get just as when You Play It, The Note Position showed through a Note-Dot in the Score, until you finish playing it.
with the name of the note inside the dot, or not, chosen by you!.

• Audio to Full Score: Here you Get The Full Score Transcription, in Real Time!.
Both Notes, and Rhythms, together, like a Full Score!.
That Simple!.

• Play a Learning Game: You are given a note in the Score, and you have to play it!.
If you play it correctly, then a good 'correct' sound is played, and a new note appears!.

And you go learning Notes Positions both in The Score, and in Your Instrument, That Way.

General Features:

• Real Time Instant Audio to Sheet Music Transcription! (Updating Millisecond by Millisecond!).

• 3 Types of Music Transcription: Only Rhythms, Only Notes, or Full Scores!.

• 99% Transcription Accuracy!.

• Best Guitar Tuner in The Market, in Real Time! (if you play 440.03 Hz, it will tell you '440.03 Hz', precisely!).

• Names of Notes Inside Note-Dots Visible or Not!.

• Frequencies Visible or Not!.

• Chosen Standard of Musical Figures' Duration! ('Quaver: Over 200 Milliseconds', or other).

• Choosen Notes & Frequencies Convention! ('A4: 440 Hz', or for example, a current trend: '432 Hz').

• Treble and Bass Clef!.

• English or Solfege Notation!.

• Distance between notes changeable!.

• Save, Recover and Play Previous Jams!.

• Very Fun Learning The Game of 'Play The Note Showed in The Score'!.

It is relevant to clarify that Partiture Live recognizes one note at a time, and not Chords.

Yet we are working on it!.

List Price: $10.00 ..Right now?  Free!

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