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  • Simple Drum Sampler

    SDS-x is a "nine pads" style drum module that lets you easily use samples alongside your drum kitSimple Drum Sampler makes you feel like a pro drummer even if you never had a drum set. Very user-friendly, sounds are cool with a nice interface and flexibility.



    - SDS-x comes fully loaded with over 100 samples, each thoughtfully recorded and edited by Simple Drum Samples

    - Import your own sounds from the Files app to expand your sample library

    - Compatible file types: wav, mp3, aiff, and caf


    - SDS-x has nine pads, each with two sample layers

    - Custom name and color for each pad

    - Control over sample pitch and level

    - Per pad controls for: pan, FX send, trigger mode, sample loop, mono/poly, mute group

    - Trigger modes: one-shot, gate, toggle

    - Velocity sensitivity option and controls


    - Four FX types: delay and reverb (send), high pass and low pass filters (master)

    - Control pad levels and effects sends with the in-app mixer

    - Pads can be triggered with MIDI, so you can plug in a pad controller and play with sticks!

    - Full screen pads mode for improved experience on smaller devices

    - Hard pan option for metronome to run click and samples to FOH on separate channels


    - Use one of the 20 (and counting!) factory kits or easily make your own

    - Drag and drop samples from your in-app library onto a pad to load the sample

    - Intuitive XY pad for controlling FX parameters

    - Double tap and long press actions for most controls to speed up workflow


    - Share user kits via AirDrop, iMessage, and more

    - Audiobus 3 and IAA compatible. Play or sequence SDS-x alongside your other music apps!


    - Includes a simple metronome with tap tempo

    Simple Drum Sampler original price was $12.99 its free now and worth it, go get it.

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