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SongOwl is designed to make browsing your library fast and easy. The interface provides powerful flexibility yet simple: SongOwl lets you experience your music the way you want.


• Choose from over 100 different display options for any view. Create reusable navigation paths based on your own choices. Root paths in collections (playlists, genres, artists, etc.). No other player comes close to this level of configuration.

• Mark any group of songs a favorite, and instantly access it from the dedicated Favorites tab. It's never been easier to get to the perfect song.

• View track metadata and listen to tracks in preview mode, without disrupting your playback queue.

• See all of your Loved songs in one place.

• Easily love the currently playing song by double tapping artwork in the player, mini-player and widget.

• Show/hide songs in the cloud or marked explicit.

• Collect and sort tracks within a playlist, and browse just like your library.

• Fresh and intuitive design, including artwork-themed player.

• Custom themes, shortcuts and URL scheme.

SongOwl requires Music.app be installed.
Offers In-App Purchases

This app was $1.99, but currently can you say FREE !

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