Amp ONE turns your iPad into a high quality guitar tube preamp / guitar cabinet with a set of the most important effects for making music in real-time. Just plug in your guitar and headphones and make a jam session.


*High-quality preamp modeling based on electric circuit simulation and solving systems of nonlinear differential equations.

*Modeling of seven preamp sections of famous guitar heads/preamps. All channels included.

*Cabinet simulation with precision mic positioning based on high quality convolution.

*High quality simulation of best stereo choruses.

*Simple preset system allow fast manage presets without loose you settings.

*Snapshot system allow manage all preamp/effects settings entirely to save/restore settings of all channels of all preamps and effects (cabinet/chorus/delay/reverb).

*Inter-App-Audio/Audiobus support

Current Price: FREE
Previous Regular Price: $9.99.

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