AuxBox lets you open a collaborative music channel, just link your Apple Music or Spotify account and invite friends to create a dope playlist. The app is user friendly, great concept for a music app.


• Only the channel host needs an Apple Music or Spotify subscription: AuxBox lets everyone join a channel!

• Invite anyone to your channel through QR code, channel ID or link!

• Preview Music: Debating on whether or not to add a song? Any channel member can look up and preview music straight from the channel’s search results!

• Voting System: Members can like or dislike songs in a channel’s queue, so the most popular songs get played first!

• Channel History: Heard a song that you liked but forgot the name? Check the channel history! All songs appear in the order they were played.

• The host is in control: A channel host can play any song they wish in addition to deleting and reordering songs in the queue!

As of the time of this posting: FREE
Regular Price:$2.99

IP SoundCloud

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