BeatHawk is a portable Music Production Studio, make beats, compose full tracks, sample, etc. Professional sounds, nice interface and easy to work with. You should be able to get creative especially for the price.


» 16 track sequencer with up to 16 patterns per part

» Pad, keyboard and pattern performance modes

» High-quality pitch and time stretching

» Numerous scales playable in Pitch mode

» Step Editor mode with Note and CC

» Record using built-in mic, line-in or external devices

» Edit and tweak sounds with high-quality effects and ADSR envelopes

» Choke groups and One-Shot sample modes

» Bind parameters to MIDI CC with MIDI Learn

» Perform and record arrangements in realtime


» iOS 9+

» iPad 4 or newer

» iPhone 5 or newer (iPhone 6 or newer recommended)

» 950MB of disk space

 Price: FREE.  Previous Price: $9.99.

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