NaadSadhana app plays music, improvises and adapts at the speed of thought, and accompanies you with intelligence and creativity. Well designed interface, great virtual
teacher to practice your live skills combined with having fun in the process.

Features: * v4.0 


Pop to Jazz, Bollywood to Indian Classical, and everything in between!

Automatic, creative, and mood-aware harmony played on Strings and Piano as you perform.

* STRINGS - Add soulful color with rich, soft Strings that swell up and fade gracefully.

* PIANO - Add flavor and flair with arpeggios and chords.

* AUTOMATIC HARMONIZER - A new mode in the Raga/Scales menu for playing harmony intelligently based for any song in any genre.

* NEW WESTERN MODES / SCALES - Ionian, Aeolian, Dorian, Phrygian, Lydian, Mixolydian, Locrian and Blues

Current Price: FREE. Previous Price: $34.99.

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My Name Biz Renol a Philadelphia, Pennsylvania-native. I've been in the music scene for over 20+ years, everything from being a Audio Technician, Music Artist, DJ, Independent Music Producer to now owning my own Independent Music Production Company, itzbizness productions™. My ultimate goal is to enable the youth of today to invest in their communities and lead productive lives through music. I have a insatiable thirst for all knowledge especially musically, I hate to be stereotyped and work very hard to remain and maintain my eclectic style. I like to think outside the box, I strive to find inspiration from everyday sounds, I listen to all kinds of music in search of the right sounds that will help me make the perfect masterpiece. Many years of listening to the greatest producers and composers have resulted in the creation of my own original style. I love music and being an entrepreneur, because I love my job, my freedom and no one will ever pay you what your worth which is insurmountable.