Slow Mp3

Slow MP3 music player can transpose, transcribe and slow down songs on the fly. Can also identify chords, loop and learn songs in different keys from the original.

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Q: How do I start the application?

A: Download the SlowMP3.jar file and double-click it. If the application won't start, check that your Java version is up to date.

Q: My Java is up-to-date, but the application still won't start.

A: Try using this file (Windows only) to start the application. Just store it in the same folder where the SlowMP3.jar is, and double-click it to start the app.


Open a MP3 or WAV file from File | Open... or by dragging the file to the Slow MP3 window.

Change playback position by clicking in the waveform display area.

Set loops by holding mouse button and dragging in the waveform display area.

Change tempo by using the Speed slider. Minimum setting is half the original tempo. 

Maximum setting is the original tempo.

Change pitch by using the Transpose slider. The units are semitones.

Sharp and Smooth settings change the quality of the pitch shift / time stretch algorithm. 

Sharp is good for percussive sounds, smooth is good for sustained sounds and bass.

Transcribe feature shows the notes that are currently played in the music. Transcribing is off by default. You can switch it on by pressing the small On icon in the corner of the Transcribe tab.

Keyboard controls:

Space - play / pause
Left arrow - rewind
Down arrow - return to marker (loop start)
Right arrow - fast forward

You can also use mouse wheel to change the playback position.

Download here direct

For Windows, Mac OS and Linux

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