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    LabChirp is a sound effect generator program for creating sound effects for music, videos, games and much more...check it out.


    Multiple channels: Up to eight individual channels. All or any element of a channel can be copied to another.

    Modulation: For vibrato and tremolo (pulsating variation in pitch and volume).

    Envelopes: To shape everything the way you want it.

    Waveforms: Make your own custom waveforms, or use any of the standard ones (sine, triangle, sawtooth, square, noise).

    Effects: Add cool post-effects to your sound.

    Customization randomizer: For the lazy sound designer.

    Customization mutator: To randomize your sound slightly.

    Batch save: If you are in a hurry and need a lot of sounds fast.

    Works on Windows (requires .NET Framework 2.0) and other platforms (Linux, Mac) through Mono. Publishers Website

    Latest release download 

    LabChirp v1.60 (145 kB, 2019-12-15) (zip file)

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