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    Letras.mus.br app has access to more than 2 million lyrics, listen to songs, watch music videos from various genres, such as blues, gospel music, bossa nova, axĂ©, sertanejo, pop, rock, funk, jazz, and indie.

    More Features:

    A music player for the tracks you have on your device, always showing you the lyrics as soon as you hit play

    Lyrics on any player
    When listening to a song on another player, Letras identifies it and invites you to see the lyrics

    The notifications aren’t showing? Take a look at our tips at the end of the description 

    Translations from different languages
    Rotate your device to read the lyrics translation

    Music videos and more
    In the app you can choose what you want to see: you favorite artist music videos, other versions of the songs and even concerts

    Playlists suggestions

    Based on your musical profile, Letras suggests playlists that will suit your taste

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