Reverse Chord Finder Pro

Reverse Chord Finder Pro

Reverse Chord Finder Pro app helps answer the question “What chord am I playing?” Select two or more notes — using piano, stringed instruments, or music notation — and the app will show you the names of the chords that match.


* Enter notes in 3 different modes: Piano/Keyboard, String Instruments (guitar, bass, ukulele, etc.), and Music Score

* Extensive chord database — more than 100 chord types!

* Hear chords played as block chords or arpeggios

* Find partial chord matches to isolate passing melody notes

* Use the Favorites list to bookmark chords you’ve identified

* See the same chord represented on different instruments or in musical notation


* Left-handed String Instrument support

* String Instrument options for 3 to 12 strings, plus capo

* Music Score mode supports treble and bass staff, and all 12 major and minor keys

* View major scale degrees for selected notes to learn chord construction

* Customize chord notation (CDEFGAB, CDEFGAH, Do-Re-Mi)


* Analyze and write down harmonies

* Recognize and construct chords more easily

* Improve your understanding of chord theory

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