Doppi is a great music player for your iPhone, better than the stock app. Cool music player for those who like managing your own music libraries. Supports MP3, M4A, FLAC, and more. Browse and play music:

• Received via AirDrop

• Copied from the Files app

• Shared from other apps (selecting "Copy to Doppi")

• Synced from iTunes

• Downloaded from Cloud Music Library


Big, Beautiful Artwork

Your music's artwork takes center stage on the Now Playing screen and throughout your library.

Make It Your Own

Choose from 6 beautiful highlight colors, switch between light and dark themes, rearrange your library, and more—from Preferences.

Search From Anywhere

Pull down from anywhere in your library to invoke Search. Hit Return to instantly trigger the top result.

Play and Add Quickly

Play an album or artist right from the library using their embedded Play buttons, and add songs to Instant Playlist using the Add (+) buttons.

Manage Your Music

Tap and hold the items on your library to reveal useful options. If you're not feeling some of your music anymore, exclude it from Shuffle All, hide it, or delete it (if it's an imported file).

Less, But Better

Every screen in Doppi has been carefully designed with clean typography, pleasing contrast, and elegant motion. Enjoy your music without unnecessary distractions.

Easily Readable

Doppi fully supports Dynamic Type and includes high contrast themes, so your eyes won't get in the way of your ears.

Continue Album

Ever shuffled your music, found a song you loved, and wished you could keep playing the album without stopping the song? Doppi can make it happen — just navigate to the album and press Play.

IP SoundCloud

Click the image or scan the QR Code.