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    Knobby volume control gives you the classy rotary controls to manage volumes available in android system. Comes with a cool UI and many themes, manage ringer volume, system, notification, media, music or in call voice volume.

    Some features:

    We highlights some features here:
    ✔ Knob volume control with many themes
    ✔ Volume control widgets
    ✔ Volume control notification
    ✔ Fully customizable widgets and notification, change background colors, and icon colors.
    ✔ Gesture control to open volume slider quickly without leaving current app or game.
    ✔ Completely configurable gesture control, change position, size, thickness, transparency, color etc.
    ✔ Quickly change ringer modes: Silent, vibrate, normal.
    ✔ Control volume levels: Ringer, notification, system, in call voice, media/music.
    ✔ Dashing UI with material standards.
    ✔ Battery friendly background services for gesture control.
    ✔ Customizable volume slider, change position, animation, duration, colors etc.
    ✔ Volume buttons savior.

    ✔ No permission to accessibility service.

    Previous Price: $0.99
    Current Price: FREE

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