Tonality: Piano/Guitar Chords

Tonality app is a chord, scale, and music theory reference tool for musicians of all skill levels. Basically a music writing and learning tool but is also an instrument.



- Chord dictionary with over 1,000 chords for piano and guitar

- Listen to a piano chord by tapping on it, or arpeggiate by swiping left or right

- Search for chords by root, quality, extension, or any combination of these

- Reverse search for chords containing certain notes (on piano or fretboard)

- Sort chords by key, number of pitches, key span, and more

- View different inversions and omittable notes

- View a table of related scales (especially useful for jazz musicians learning to improvise)

- Chord identification - record a chord through your device's microphone and Tonality will transcribe and identify it. Options include overtone rejection and tuning forgiveness.


- View guitar chord charts for all chords (even custom ones)

- Fully interactive – swipe across the strings to play each voicing

- Supports multiple guitar tuning and other instruments such as ukulele, mandolin, banjo, and bass

- Generation by traits such as fret range and number of fingers used

- Left-handed option


- Scale dictionary with over 500 scales

- Commonly used piano scales and fingerings

- Search for scales by root and name

- Reverse search for scales containing certain notes on a piano

- Sort scales alphabetically, by key, by number of pitches, and more

- View scale degrees and note names

- View ascending and descending versions

- View scales on a piano and in the staff



- Open "Tonality: Chord Identification" as an Audio Unit MIDI processor and view the names of the piano chords/scales you play in real time


- The "Tonality: Chord Pads" AUv3 allows you to send MIDI to other apps

- Full control of the voicing: you can edit individual notes' octaves and velocities

- Grid sizes from 2x2 to 9x9

- MIDI trigger mappable with MIDI learn capability

- MIDI triggers can be set to affect the velocity of the chord

- Supports drag and drop to reorder chord pads

- Custom presets can be saved and shared across AU hosts

- Useful as a songwriting and composition tool as well as for live performance: you can try out chord progressions or load the chords to your favorite song


- View MIDI input in a grand staff (treble/bass clef). Also displays chord names in real time and lets you select the key signature to use


- Interactive circle of fifths: view key signatures and scales for major and minor keys

- Jump to relative or parallel keys

- View scale chords in the selected key (I, ii, iii, etc.)


- Learn to recognize notes, melodies, intervals, chords, and scales by ear!

- After each session, you can view what gave you trouble and create a level with just those things

- View detailed statistics about each training session and your training history


- View musical terms and their definitions/illustrations

- Tempo, symbol, articulation, dynamics, and more


- Create your own chords, scales, fingerings, ear training levels, and dictionary terms

- Change color scheme

- Choose the playback instrument (piano, electric piano, guitar, or any .sf2 file)

- Choose whether to hide "weird" chords like B# major

- Show only basic chords/scales (great for beginning musicians)

- Choose note naming (English or Solf├Ęge)

- Set speed for scales and length for chords

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Currently: FREE

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