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    DrumKick is a live performance drum app. Play great-sounding drum kits anywhere. Simply plug into a P.A. system, headphones, amplifier, etc and you're ready to go. DrumKick is the only stereo drum app that allows you to play the kick drum with your foot! This is a great virtual drum set to use on the go.

    Feature Highlights:

    • Play the kick drum sound with your foot, using a second iOS device via standard Bluetooth connection.

    • High-quality drum stereo sounds with independent control of their volume, pitch and pan levels.

    • Low-latency with drum taps and sounds.

    • Retina-enhanced, interactive, 3-D animated drums and cymbals.

    • Multiple tap regions for triggering different drum and cymbal sounds.

    • Ability to switch the drum kit's audio output from stereo to mono when connected to stereo speakers, such as a P.A. system.

    • Touch-hold on the crash cymbal for a choked cymbal* muting effect.

    • Audiobus & Inter-App Audio support (iOS7+) for adding effects apps to DrumKick's output and recording into to GarageBand, Loopy, or AudioShare. https://audiob.us

    • Audiobus Remote triggers for playing DrumKick's sounds via a secondary iOS Device with the Audiobus Remote app installed. Requires the Audiobus app, iOS 8.3 +, and a Bluetooth LE-enabled iOS device, such as an iPad 3, iPhone 4S & higher. https://audiob.us/remote.

    • Core MIDI IN & OUT support, thanks to Nic Grant of Audeonic Apps for his robust MidiBus Library (http://midib.us) and generous help.

    • MIDI over Bluetooth support.

    • Compatible with the iRig BlueBoard MIDI foot controller. Requires Bluetooth LE-enabled iOS device, such as an iPad 3, iPhone 4S & higher. The iRig BlueBoard does not work with iPad 2.

    • Jam along with music apps that run in the background, such as GarageBand, Pandora, or your iPod music library.

    • Minimum requirements: iPad 2, iPhone 4S and newer devices are recommended.

    * No cymbals were harmed during the making of this app.

    This app was $5.99 now its FREE get it while you can. 

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