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  • Hypertron

    Hypertron is a new musical instrument app for iOS, which offers features of well known samplers, sequencers and drum-machines for quick editing and music production.


    - Samples can be independently altered and arranged in sequences and groups

    - Alter the pitch of each step separately in real time

    - Add and adjust effects with swipe-gestures

    - Effects: Low-pass, Reverb

    - PRO Effects: High-pass, Distortion, Delay, Pitch, Time stretch

    - Record your own samples with the internal microphone

    - Slice samples, adjust Fade-In-, Cross-fade- and Fade-Out- regions in a breeze

    - The Hypertron comes with a simple, yet effective monophonic synthesizer:
 Two oscillators and one LFO controlling frequency and filter separately

    - Innovative Note-repeat-Slider

    - Live-record and export your project as WAV or MP4

    - PRO: Export every individual track of your project as WAV

    - PRO: Import your own samples via the file-browser

    - Master bus: alter the sum with a High-pass-Filter and Compressor

    - Duplicate groups with drag & drop

    - Virtual keyboard

    - Support for external MIDI-Keyboards

    - Audio-bus-ready

    - Ableton Link-ready

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