Music Editor & MP3 Song Maker

Super Sound is a very powerful audio editing and music editor on Android. It supports audio editing, cutting, splicing, mixing, voice changing, format conversion and so on. Free professional audio editor help you easily create ringtones, easy to get started.


Music Editor & MP3 Song Maker

Powerful audio editing features:

★Completely Free: all features of the software are free, no charge!
★Audio Editing: support audio mixing, voice change, fast speed and other functions!
★Audio Clip: customize the audio cropping range, and quickly cut with one click!
★Audio Stitching: supports combining two or more music files into one!
★Format Conversion: easily convert audio formats to another!
★Video to Audio: easily extract the audio you want from the video!
★Video Editing: support editing video and audio, easy to edit!
★Mono Audio to Multi-Channel: audio channel conversion, simple and practical!
★Audio Cut: cut the music clips you want quickly and accurately!
★Audio Sound Changer: rough or sharp is chosen by you, one button to change the sound!
★Insert Audio: Insert personalized audio anytime and make great music!
★Volume Control: slide up or down to adjust sound volume, no longer worry about not hearing!
★Pitch Changer: easy to adjust the pitch of music freely, sing better!
★Equalizer: provide a variety of parameters optional, feel free to adjust!
★Audio Compression: compress music size for easy sharing with friends!
★Remove Vocals: remove song vocals, leaving only the background music!

NO ads!
NO in-app purchase!
NO use limit!
NO time limit!

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