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  • Song Engineer

    Song Engineer is an app for songs auto-composition. Full midi file export with melody and percussion that is simple to import into a DAW.

    Full version app features:

    - edit instrument notes and drums
    - select song tonality
    - use different song sections (INTRO, VERSE, PRE-CHORUS, CHORUS, BRIDGE, OUTRO and 4 additional sections)
    - change song section length
    - rearrange song sections
    - change song elements root and scale type (major, minor, pentatonic, blues, chromatic etc...)
    - recompose section
    - recompose instrument in section
    - change instruments used in midi
    - save song as midi and xml file
    - open saved song from xml file
    - control composing parameters(melody phrasing, harmony rhythm, song sections preferred note lengths)
    - swing mode
    - lyrics writing - the app selects suitable words in order to match the melody accent to lyrics accent to achieve prosody and lyrics to fit comfortably the melody.

    As of this posting: FREE
    Regular Price: $5.49

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