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  • Murph Workout Radio

    Murph Workout Radio is a workout music discovery app.

    Murph Workout Radio


    - Dozens of music choices! Featuring multiple live radio streams with the best fitness music.

    - No song repeats during your set! We have HOURS of content available on every channel.

    - COMMERCIAL-FREE content!

    - ONE-OF-A-KIND remixes of your favorite songs, infused with motivational quotes to get you moving!

    - EXCLUSIVE CONTENT, featuring live streaming radio not available anywhere else.

    - NEWEST CONTENT added here first! New streams added every month.

    - Saved Favorites feature allows you to save your favorite stations at the top.

    - OFF THE GRID Mode! Listen to HOURS of content COMPLETELY WITHOUT WIFI or signal!

    - One-Click Song Request button!

    - One-Click Shout out Request button!

    - One-Click access to social media.

    - One-Click access to the official Murph Merchandise Store!


    1- LIVE RADIO – MULTIPLE CHANNELS broken down by MUSIC, MOOD or ACTIVITY TYPE. We are fully licensed to play all of your popular hits and bring you new music discovery as well. Combined with amazing motivational quotes, our music will inspire you to keep going when you think you have nothing left!

    2- OFF THE GRID Mode (Workout Playlists) – Are you off the grid with bad wifi? On a military deployment somewhere around the globe? On a deep woods trail run with no clear satellite signal? Or maybe you only have 30 minutes to knock out your WOD in your basement that gets no signal? Our Off The Grid Mode won’t let you down. Listen to hours of content with no need for signal!

    As of this posting: FREE

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