Music Info — Song Metadata


Music Info song metadata app allows you to view information about songs in your library, including play count, skip count, date added, release date, album artist, composer, genre, comments, lyrics, and more.

Music Info — Song Metadata


● Home screen quick action to quickly select a song
● Tap and hold Select Song to reveal more options: select the now playing song or clear the selected song
● Tap and hold text to copy information
● Play the selected song in-app

And of course

● Light and dark mode
● Keyboard shortcuts
● Split view multitasking and multiple windows on iPad OS
● Full accessibility support including Dynamic Type, VoiceOver, and Voice Control

How it works

● The Music app, like iTunes before it, saves metadata for each song you have in your library. Music Info reveals this information that otherwise isn’t accessible on iOS and iPad OS.

● Any song in your library can be accessed in the Music Info app, no matter if they were added via Apple Music, purchased, matched, uploaded, or otherwise synced to your device. Songs in Apple Music that haven’t been added to your library cannot be accessed.

● The share sheet action is available when sharing a song in the Music app. Note that only songs that are available on Apple Music can be shared. Music Info will try to look up that song in your library, and this requires an internet connection. It’s possible it may not be able to find the right song, for example, if you’ve renamed it. If an error occurs, you can still use the app to access its information even without an internet connection.

Things to note
● Metadata cannot be edited in Music Info.
● Music Info does not work with any third-party music services.

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