Song Guitar Chord Family App


This iOS app called Song Guitar Chord Family is for Songwriters,Vocalists and Producers. You can add lyrics, make a recording or build out your song ideas with your band-mates. Trying to find the right sound for someone? Let them hear your idea, but also be able to see exactly what chords to play & how to play them with this app.


• Chord lookup in library and builder

• *7 Midi Guitar Voicing

• Mix in chords from different keys

• Re-sizable library view

• Filtering to view in chord or list view

• Filtering to limit chord library results based on 21 chord types

• Custom progression builder for audibly plotting out your ideas

• Restructure function to reorder, duplicate, or delete chords in your progression

• Recording feature for tagging the recordings to songs, progressions, or just leaving it loose as a quick take.

• Notes entry feature for tagging notes and lyrics to songs, progressions, loose ideas

• Studio view that allows easy access for all of your songs, progressions, recordings, & notes.

• Share recordings & notes via SMS and Email

• Learn Your Own Song's Chords

Covers are fun, but the reward comes from making your own masterpiece. We allow you to see & hear how each chord should be played so you can write by sound with new chords you find in the library & then see how to play them!

• All 24 Key Options

Enjoy exploring different keys. We have 6000+ chords from all 21 types, not just the majors, minors, and 7ths. You can hear AND see every chord & how to play it!

• Write By Sound for Efficient Songwriting

Our custom progression builder allows you to hear the chords as you build your song so that you can easily capture the sound you are after, even if your guitar is not with you

Song | Guitar Chord Family App

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