Tuniac Media Player

Tuniac isn't as complicated as other media players and has just enough to maintain it but remaining easy to apply and viable in a crowded market for players. Tuniac is an iTunes style media player for Windows with some good features for free.

File formats supported:

MPEG-1 Audio (mp3, mp2, mp1)

FLAC (flac, fla, oga, ogg)

Advanced Audio Coding (aac, m4a, m4b, mp4)

Apple Lossless Audio Codec aka ALAC (m4a)

Windows Media Audio (wma)

Vorbis (ogg)

Opus (opus)

WavPack (wv)

TAK Audio (tak)

TrueAudio (tta)

Monkeys Audio (ape, mac)

Musepack (mpc, mp+, mpp)

OptimFrog (ofr, ofs)

Shorten (shn)

Dolby Digital (ac3)

DSD (dff, dfs)

PCM (wav, aif)

CD Audio (cda)

Speex (spx)

MOD Formats (mod, mo3, xm, it, s3m, mtm)

Game Audio Formats (adx, umx)

MIDI (mid)

Supporting radio streaming of most the above formats.

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