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  • Star Scales Pro For Guitar‬


    Easily learn guitar scales with your iPhone and let your unique guitar solos shine.


    • Contains all blues, rock and jazz guitar scales

    • Share one pattern of scale as image or all patterns of scale as pdf (by e-mail, or on Facebook, twitter, etc.)

    • Send exactly what you see

    • Zoom in/out of fretboard to view pattern

    • Rotate fretboard to vertical position in portrait view

    • Scroll over entire fretboard for better orientation

    • Practice with Random scale pattern generator

    • Easy orientation with Clustered scales

    • Display/hide remaining notes of a scale, to view scale pattern in context with all other notes of a scale, or by itself

    • Lowest string up option available for fretboard

    • Entire fretboard scale pattern view in landscape mode

    • Double length playback for root note of scale

    • Choose right or left hand fretboard

    • Scales for 6-string and 7-string guitars available

    • possibility to use custom backgrounds

    Star Scales Pro For Guitar‬

    As of this posting currently: FREE
    Regular price: $4.99.

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