Yousician - Your Music Teacher


Yousician is your personal music tutor covering guitar, singing, ukulele and bass! Learn to play songs on your real instrument, the phone’s microphone listens to you play and the app tells you how you’re performing.

Who is this for?

• Singers, Pianists, Guitarists, Bass & Ukulele players

• Complete beginners

• Advanced & professional musicians

• Music teachers

What is included?

• Over 1,500 missions & exercises, with hundreds of videos, covering all the skills you need: sight reading sheet music, classical and pop songs for Piano, and for Guitar and ukulele you’ll learn chords, strumming, melodies, lead, fingerpicking and more.

• Yousician also teaches you music theory and Includes special trainers for each skill & chord.

• A Weekly Challenge, where you can compete with friends and millions of Yousicians worldwide.

This app is available only on the App Store for iPhone and iPad.

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