Space Lite (VST/AU)


This reverb is perfect for synths, instruments, drums, vocals, and almost any other audio, Space Lite (VST/AU) includes 3 powerful reverb modes and tons of unique features to completely customize your reverb. 

Customize your reverb with powerful FX

With the modulation FX in Space, you can completely transform your reverb’s sound. Included FX modes are Pitch, Chorus, Flanger, and Phaser

Rather than adding the FX to the entire sound, it only affects the reverb signal. For example, you can make the reverb have a psychedelic effect by adding a phaser or flanger.

Combining these powerful FX with the built in distortion, EQ, and filter, there’s limitless possibilities of how you can transform your reverb.

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*Space Lite is 64 bit only

Mac (v1.0.0) direct link here

Windows (v1.0.0) direct link here

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