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Aural Player is an audio player for macOS. Winamp Inspired player for Windows. Supports a wide variety of audio formats and powerful sound tuning capabilities.



To have a simple drag-drop-play player for the music collection on your local drives, that is able to play a wide variety of audio formats.

To allow customization/configuration, but not to require it out of the box.

To make sound tuning an integral part of the listening experience and to have it within quick and easy reach at all times.

To have a decent macOS Winamp counterpart.


Does not play protected content (e.g. Apple's M4P or Audible's AAX).

No streaming / scrobbling, etc.


Supports all Core Audio formats and several non-native formats: (including FLAC, Vorbis, Opus, Monkey's Audio (APE), True Audio (TTA), DSD & more)

Supports M3U / M3U8 playlists

Playback: Repeat / shuffle, bookmarking, segment looping, 2 custom seek intervals, last position memory, autoplay

Chapters support: Chapters list window, playback functions including loop, current chapter indication, search by title


Built-in effects: Graphic equalizer, pitch shift, time stretch, reverb, delay, filter

Hosts Audio Units (AU) plug-ins, providing unlimited possibilities for advanced sound tweaking and monitoring / analysis

Built-in and custom effects presets, per-track effects settings memory

Recording of clips with effects captured

Playlist: Grouping by artist/album/genre, searching, sorting, type selection

Information: ID3, iTunes, WMA, Vorbis Comment, ApeV2, and other metadata (when available). Cover art (with MusicBrainz lookups), lyrics, file system and audio data. Option to export.

Track lists: Favorites list, recently added and recently played lists.

Visualizations: 3 different visualizations that dance to the music, with customizable colors.


Winamp-like modular interface.

Fully customizable fonts and colors with built-in and custom schemes.

Menu bar mode to run the app in the macOS menu bar.

Window layouts (built-in and custom), window snapping, collapsible UI components.


Configurable media keys support

Swipe/scroll gesture recognition

Remote control (control the app from Control Center, headphones, or other media control devices / apps)

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This table lists the minimum required Aural Player version for your hardware and macOS version. It is always recommended to use the latest app version, regardless of your hardware / macOS version.

Intel (x86_64)Apple silicon (arm64)
macOS 10.12 -
macOS 11.x (Big Sur)

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