Vital is a spectral warping wavetable synth.


High quality oscillators

Generate clean sounds using Vital's oscillators that have an extremely low noise floor and have a sharp cutoff at Nyquist for almost no aliasing.

Efficient unison

There are some clever SSE optimizations to keep the oscillators easy on your CPU, so don't be afraid to crank up the unison.


Vital loads .tun, .scl, and .kbd files so you can play microtonally.

MPE support

Vital fully supports MPE so use your ROLI keyboard, Linnstrument or other MPE compatible keyboard to add extra expression to your sound.

Audio-rate modulation

You can modulate many of the controls in Vital at audio-rate to create an even wider set of timbres.

Keytracked LFOs

Easily create keytracked basses with the keytracked LFO setting. Combine a keytracked LFO with the audio-rate modulation to use your LFOs as an oscillator modulation source.

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