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x64 vs x86

This refers to the type of computer and operating system on which it will run.

x86 refers to a 32-bit computer and operating system

x64 refers to a 64-bit computer and operating system

32 and 64-bit Audio

This refers to the size of a single audio sample. 

With 32 or 64 bits its about audio quality. 64-bit allows more accurate duplicate of a sound. 32-bit audio samples are good enough for most applications, usually you can't tell the difference between the two formats. Example where you might want to use 64 bitis when a signal is going to be processed heavily through a long chain of plugins. (By using 64-bit audio you can lower the amount of rounding errors that might occur by using the lesser 32-bit format.


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    Publisher website

    Guerilla Music Marketing Handbook (96k)
    Another eBook by Bob Baker PACKED full of great music marketing and promotion tips. This is actually just a few free excerpted chapters from his full-length handbook. There are ordering instructions inside. This book is ESSENTIAL for any musician trying to make a living as a musician.

    Unleashing the Ideavirus (896k)
    Incredible FREE eBook by Seth Godin that will teach you how to turn your unsigned band into a music promotion virus.

    The Easy Way To Book Your Gigs (85.5k)
    All the steps you will need to successfully book your gig or tour and make all the necessary arrangements.

    Poor Richard's Top 100 Tips for Doing Business Online (478k)
    Poor Richard's is a fantastic publisher of tips on how to do just about anything online successfully. This eBook is no different. Packed with some great ideas!

    Branding Yourself Online (286k)
    Another book by Bob Baker featuring tips on how to use the internet to become a celebrity in your own field.

    Killer Internet Marketing Strategies (751k)
    Great tip sheet. Zebra music has put together a useful newsletter filled with useful industry contacts and hot tips about the music business.

    Unforgettable Business Cards (1100k)
    Very nice eBook with tips on how to make business cards that will be kept and remembered. Also, goes into building a purpose for your cards. Highly recommended.

    Daily Cash Report (6k)
    Keep track of all your band's expenses and income on the road for easier tax filing.

    Publisher Website

    Copyright: 6 page FAQs, with sources.

    Visual Art Works: 46 page guide from the Library of Congress interpreting and explaining copyright law and visual art works and related matter.

    Copyright in Derivative Works and Compilations: 4 page brochure on derivative works

    International Copyright Relations: 15 page guide from the Library of Congress to international copyright relations.

    Works for Hire: 4 page guide from the Library of Congress about works for hire.

    Copyright Term & Public Domain: 11 page guide for the copyright terms in the US, from Cornell University.

    Copyright Law of the United States: the complete 367 page text of the US Copyright Law.

    Compendium of US Copyright Office Practices: 1288 page guide to how the Copyright Office interprets the USCL.

    UK Copyright Basics: 32 page guide to copyright from the Intellectual Property Offic

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