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Rule#1 - I helped a lot of people with this, NOTHING IS YOURS until you TRADEMARK/PATENT IT! READ again, NOTHING is yours until you TRADEMARK/PATENT it. Keep your mouth quiet TRADEMARK/PATENT and/or COPYRIGHT first, then tell the world. You think people of certain stature will not take your ideas, your works.. but they will or try to.. underestimate no one handle your business first period! 

Directory of Intellectual Property Offices click here


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Publisher website

Guerilla Music Marketing Handbook (96k)
Another eBook by Bob Baker PACKED full of great music marketing and promotion tips. This is actually just a few free excerpted chapters from his full-length handbook. There are ordering instructions inside. This book is ESSENTIAL for any musician trying to make a living as a musician.

Unleashing the Ideavirus (896k)
Incredible FREE eBook by Seth Godin that will teach you how to turn your unsigned band into a music promotion virus.

The Easy Way To Book Your Gigs (85.5k)
All the steps you will need to successfully book your gig or tour and make all the necessary arrangements.

Poor Richard's Top 100 Tips for Doing Business Online (478k)
Poor Richard's is a fantastic publisher of tips on how to do just about anything online successfully. This eBook is no different. Packed with some great ideas!

Branding Yourself Online (286k)
Another book by Bob Baker featuring tips on how to use the internet to become a celebrity in your own field.

Killer Internet Marketing Strategies (751k)
Great tip sheet. Zebra music has put together a useful newsletter filled with useful industry contacts and hot tips about the music business.

Unforgettable Business Cards (1100k)
Very nice eBook with tips on how to make business cards that will be kept and remembered. Also, goes into building a purpose for your cards. Highly recommended.

Daily Cash Report (6k)
Keep track of all your band's expenses and income on the road for easier tax filing.

Publisher Website

Copyright: 6 page FAQs, with sources.

Visual Art Works: 46 page guide from the Library of Congress interpreting and explaining copyright law and visual art works and related matter.

Copyright in Derivative Works and Compilations: 4 page brochure on derivative works

International Copyright Relations: 15 page guide from the Library of Congress to international copyright relations.

Works for Hire: 4 page guide from the Library of Congress about works for hire.

Copyright Term & Public Domain: 11 page guide for the copyright terms in the US, from Cornell University.

Copyright Law of the United States: the complete 367 page text of the US Copyright Law.

Compendium of US Copyright Office Practices: 1288 page guide to how the Copyright Office interprets the USCL.

UK Copyright Basics: 32 page guide to copyright from the Intellectual Property Offic


If you want to profit from your music, you need to have your music licensed.That additionally fills in as your security from the individuals who need to partake in thievery of your music. I spanned the internet globe to bring you some companies to research up on.

LicenseQuote provides music publishers, artists, bands, composers, producers and libraries the tools needed to license their music from their own web sites and other sales pages.

Rumblefish is a music licensing company aimed at bringing a creative, financial and legal perspective to any licensing project

Sentric Music is an independent music publisher which makes publishing simple for artists and songwriters.

Music Dealers Music license company giving pre-cleared music, custom tune creation, and real rights leeway for content makers.

BMI is one of three United States performing rights associations, alongside ASCAP and SESAC. It gathers permit charges for the benefit of lyricists, authors, and music distributors and circulates them as eminences to those individuals whose works have been performed.

The American Society
of Composers,Authors
and Publishers (ASCAP)
is an American not-revenue driven execution rights association that
ensures its individuals melodic copyrights by checking open exhibitions of their music,
regardless of whether by a broadcast or live performance, and compensating them accordingly.

SESAC, The "Society of
European Stage Authors and Composers"
SESAC manages all parts of the business, from creation to permitting and organization. SESAC keeps an undisclosed amount of performance royalty the U.S. performing rights associations in that it doesn't offer open enrollment, one must be endorsed to join.

Christian Copyright
Licensing International (CCLI)
CCLI offers copyright licensing of songs and other resource materials for use in Christian worship.

Beatpick A worldwide music authorizing organization working for adverts, films, web videos and games.

Ricall License music for use in commercial and personal video productions.

Songtradr is a global licensing platform providing access to real artists, songwriters
and catalogs from all over the world, making music licensing.

Musicxray Submit your songs to music producers, publishers, supervisors and managers
for marketing, music licensing, label roster, publishing, distribution and more.

Broadjam Get your songs heard by the people that license music for films and TV shows.

Naxos the world's leading classical music label, offers you an unparalleled range of repertoire for licensing.


Irish Recorded Music Association

British PhonographicIndustry

Recording Industry Association of America

Canadian Recording Industry Association

International Federation of the Phonographic Industry

Australian Record Industry Association

National Association of Record Merchandisers


Here are some websites to sell your music online. Always read the the 
fine print, terms and conditions and prices.

Digital Goods eCommerce service for anyone to sell downloadable goods online

Digital distribution service and fan engagement platform 

Online music store for indie artists.

Custom services for artists and independent record labels.

Digital music distribution service to music on the leading digital services.

A cloud based record label for artists

Global Digital distributor over 500 digital stores.

Independent music company specializing in international music distribution and 
artist promotion.

Sell you music. Get a fair deal. Keep 100% of your sales revenue.


Free music player widgets for Facebook and more.

Hosting unsigned singers, songwriters, and bands.

Worldwide band name registry: also a band search engine, issue press releases, and a music industry database.

A musician's resource site for all that is the music business. Includes a searchable directory.

Helps promote the music of its members. Bands information, reviews, and application information.

Free on-line classifieds for musicians and the music industry.

Tips from professionals in the music industry describing promotion methods and 
"foot in the door" techniques.

Community of over 10,000 musicians, songwriters, and others from all areas of the music 
business networking together for free.

Resource page was compiled for unsigned bands and live music clubs.

Open Music Project. Collection of information and links, related to the Open Directory Project.

Resource for bands and musicians to showcase their music.

Music-Community with a huge links-directory, forum, chat, top-site rankings, news,newsgroups, radio-stations and lots of more.

Free advertising and promotion for independent bands and anyone 
seeking music employment. Also music news, reviews, and charts.
Free resource for bands, musicians,venues and promoters.

Offers free listings for bands, clubs, events, and music related news. Also
an e zine featuring reviews and interviews.

Free web space for bands and musicians, MP3 streaming, classifieds, club listings, legal advice, and a calendar.

The world's leading independent A&R company helping unsigned bands, artists and songwriters get record deals, publishing deals and placement in films 
and TV shows.

Musicians are invited to upload their music to receive a rating from their hit team listeners for the chance to win recording contract. Includes details and 
submission policies.

A valuable tool for musicians promoting or selling their music on the internet.

Public Domain classical music.

Sounds and music under "Creative Commons Share Alike license".

Website devoted exclusively to free choral sheet music. Under a free license.

A collection of public domain sheet music. Some MIDIs available.

Public domain classical music MIDIs.

Classical Piano MIDI files under Creative Commons Attribution Share Alike license.

A collection of Creative Commons music.

offers a comprehensive music library of production music for your various royalty 
free music needs including full albums, tracks and free music clips, loops, and beats available for download.

Music under Creative Commons Licenses. Important: Only music under Attribution 
can be used.

is a collection of digitized early Finnish sound recordings provided by the Library of 
the National Library of Finland. All music files are under public domain (over 50 year old 
recordings of public domain music).

Free sheet music for everyone. "Most of our music is distributed under Creative Commons 
licenses. Each piece clearly lists what license it is distributed under."

Sounds, loops, and music under Creative Commons licenses. Focus on being a resource 
to web programmers, flash programmers, film makers, musicians, and just anyone who'd like
to incorporate high quality sound effects or music in their art form.

Collaborative database of Creative Commons licensed sounds. Freesound focuses only on 
sound, not songs. Protection Status